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Friday, September 4, 2009

TEDMED 2009: Wish I Could be There

“Where do Healthcare and Medicine Collide with Brilliant Minds and Uninhibited Imagination?”

This was a headline too intriguing to ignore. A click on the link and I landed at TEDMED 2009, a website promoting the gathering of an eclectic group of scientists, physicians, celebrities, business leaders, inventors and others to explore all things health and medical.

Topics run the gamut from famed neurosurgeon Keith Black on ‘non-invasive brain surgery’ to lifestyle guru Martha Stewart on ‘transforming care for the elderly.’ Speaker bios reveal astronauts, Hollywood producers, rap artists, designers, medical researchers, etc.

Dynamic people. Energizing Topics. This is not your typical healthcare conference. But what if it were? What if our industry trade gatherings did more to spark imagination than sustain imitation?

Unfortunately, I can’t make this conference (which is just as well given the $4,000 enrollment fee!) but enjoyed the brief journey through their website. If you do go – please let me know.

TEDMED 2009; October 27 - 30; San Diego, California


Mike said...

"What if our industry trade gatherings did more to spark imagination than sustain imitation?" Great question and I love the idea of people with so many different backgrounds and roles uniting to truly invent the future.

Now if only they could work on that $4,000 price tag... kind of prohibitive wouldn't you say? I'd love to hear from someone who attends as well and see how conversations went.

Phil Niles said...

I will be going to TEDMED! Send me an email, now or afterwards, if you want follow-up.

Phil Niles