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Monday, September 7, 2009

Marketing Lessons from Bumrungrad International Hospital

Thailand’s Bumrungrad International Hospital treats more than a million patients a year – 30,000 from North America. International patients from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas represent 42% of Bumrungrad’s volume and greater than 50% of revenues. So how did this Bangkok-based medical center become known as the mecca for medical tourism? The answer lies in a pretty straightforward value proposition - quality, value and access - and in a management perspective that understands the marketing power of needs-based segmentation, value innovation and brand experience.

Bumrangrad’s CEO, Mark Banner, and director of marketing, Kenneth Mays, were recently interviewed by Ravi Aron, a senior fellow with the William and Phyllis Mack Center for Technological Innovation at Wharton. You can listen to the interview and download a PDF transcript at Wharton's website. Click here: Bumrungrad Hospital: Expanding the Footprint of Offshore Health Care.

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