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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Want to Know How Long You'll Wait at the ER?

There's an App for That!

HCA's East Florida Division is using RSS feeds to post emergency room wait times on electronic billboards. They've also recently launched an iPhone app (iTriage) and texting service which pinpoints local ERs, wait times and provides directions. The bottom line -- company spokesman Ed Fishbough reports substantial increases in the number of patient visits across 12 regional hospitals since the advent of the campaign.

HCA has 5 billboards up today and 5 more planned for the coming 2 weeks.

Learn more at Fast Company.


Hilary said...

What an interesting tool! It is giving patients one more way to shop around!

Hilary Holden

phudson said...

You can also check out iTriage on the web at It runs on any web enabled phone and there is a full Multi-Media version for the iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, Backberry Bold Tour and Storm.

There is also an Android App too.