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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Passion, not Promotion, Built this Doctor's Blog Audience

Susan Lilly
During a webinar yesterday, I listened to Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson of “Seattle Mama Doc” fame – She’s a pediatrician mom who writes a widely followed blog for Seattle Children’s Hospital. Dr. Swanson didn’t start blogging to promote herself, but because she wanted to be a reasoned voice in an age of media hype trumping science. Her passion was evident while making the case for physician blogging. In fact, her passion is the key to her success as a blogger, which has the additional benefit of boosting the profile and mission of Seattle Children’s. The hospital gives her free reign on what to post, which gives her blog (and embedded You Tube videos) authenticity and personality.

To enhance a program or raise awareness, you need to go where your patients are. Today, they are online. Do you have a physician or nurse in a service line who has a passion to engage and help patients? Who has the time to commit to posting once a week?

Remember to be patient; blogs take some time to gain traction. But that’s ok as this gives the blogging doctor or nurse time to find her comfort zone in the blogosphere.

Take a look at Dr. Swanson’s blog for inspiration:

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Passion is great but we also need to value($) the time that providers put into communicating, coaching and educating patients at the individual and the community level.

Some who are on salary (is she?)have the luxury of doing this but how do we encourage the 80% of providers who work in small practices to do this if it comes at the cost of either direct patient care or time with our/their families?