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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I do solemnly (and publicly) declare . . .

Allison Sherwat
by Allison Sherwat, social media marketer

A recent New York Times article describes a well-tried technique that is being applied in a new venue: thousands of individuals are posting New Year’s resolution videos to social media sites, and in some cases engaging in online programs that will monetarily reward (or punish) the declarer for reaching (or not) her goals. Importantly, most social networking sites make it easy to tell your friends about your ambitions. According to the article, economists say people who make resolutions public are far more likely to fulfill them.

I wonder how health systems could leverage this public declaration of intent to achieve strategic goals. Not only would this provide incentive for the provider to achieve the goal, but it would serve as a tool of engagement with consumers who would want to track your progress. For those organizations struggling to get meaningful engagement from their consumers through social media efforts, this might be just the ticket.

What goal or target could your organization share with the market? The potential for consumers to reward your achievement is great.

Click here to read the New York Times' article.

Allison Sherwat has a passion for innovative marketing, business and new media strategies that help organizations grow and better serve customers. 

1 comment:

Candace Quinn said...

Interesting concept, Allison. It would also force the organizations to consider their mission specifically when setting those goals...most have BHAGs around finance, quality, service, community, people, and growth...problem is, your competitor would also know these goals...truth be known, they are probably nearly the same for your competitor! Good thoughts.