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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Marketing and How Social Software Aligns

In his blog, Community and Social Media, Chris Brogan lines up “all the old fashioned marketing “Four P’s” to illustrate how social software can interact.

Chris writes, “I didn’t exactly lay out step-by-step plans, but maybe you can infer a bit from what we started with. You’ll notice something. The tools aren’t all that spectacular and amazing, except that they make performing certain tasks simpler than it used to be. Instead, the potential and the wonderment are all inside the human part of the equation.”

“What’s exciting about how social media and social software aligns with marketing is that there are new opportunities that far surpass the old methods for marketing, and that’s where the magic truly hides. Marketers do have to understand the tools, but more so, here’s a quick list of what else needs to be understood.” Read more at: Marketing and How Social Software Aligns

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